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  • Name  :  DH-300 Ultra-purity hydrogen generator
  • Model: :  DH-300
  • Catagory:  Hydrogen generator
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Hydrogen purity: 99.99999%
Hydrogen flow rate:
Output pressure: 0-0.5MPa
Power: 300W
Pressure stability: better than 0.0001MPa


1.      Using Pd alloy filter membrane

2.      Using normal distilled water

3.      No desiccant (self-indicating silicon gel or molecular sieve)

4.      Using silicon rubber ring with lower sulfur content to improve gas quality and ensure GC to have stable baseline.

5.      Maintenance free.

6.      Integrate control for pressure and flow rate.

7.      Fully automatic control with water level and over-pressure alarm.

8.      Offer ultra-pure hydrogen for high-precision GC, polarograph, semiconductor device, nuclear physical experiments.


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