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  • Name  :  QL-10000
  • Model: :  
  • Catagory:  Small Gas Station
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Large Hydrogen/Hydrogen-oxygen Electrolysis Equipment

Product Type: QL-10000/17000/22000/34000/85000/170000

Gas Flow: Different type equipment has different gas output, from 0.3m3/h to 10 m3/h.

Applications: Chemical Industry Hydrogenation\Reduction Protection\Metal Smelting\Power Station

Cooling\Hydrogen Station Producing Hydrogen\spacecraft\Submarine etc.


Product Introduction

    QL series hydrogen generators are advanced patented products, which are light , highly effective , energy-saving and of environmental protection , producing extremely pure hydrogen through the electrolysis of pure water (without adding alkali).
    The SPE electrodes, as the core of the product , are highly active catalytic electrode with nearly zero distance between the electrodes , which is formed by integrating composite catalyst with and ion membrane with high electrolytic efficiency. The other key parts are all produced by use of top-grade engineering plastics dies with superior quality. With perfect electric control system, designs of the generators are advanced with reliable quality, high automaticity, extremely pure generated hydrogen, huge output, the models and specifications of the generators are complete, and the generators are widely used.

Operational Principle

Electrolytic water meeting the requirements (With electrical resistivity >1MΩ/ cm, and deionized or redistilled water in electronic and analysis industries can be used for this purpose.) , after being put into the anode chamber of electrolytic cell, when power is switched on ,will be decomposed at once at the anode :  2H2 O = 4H++ 2O-2. The decomposed negative oxyanion (O-2) will immediately release electron to form oxygen (O2), which will then be discharged from the anode chamber, with some water, into the water tank. The water can be used circularly, and oxygen will be discharged from the small hole of the top cover of the water tank into the atmosphere. The hydrogen proton, in the form of aqua ion (H+·XH2 O), and under the action of electric field force , through SPE ion membrane, will arrive in the cathode to absorb electron to form hydrogen ,which will then be discharged from the cathode chamber into the gas/water separator, where most of water it brought with from the electrolytic cell will be removed . The hydrogen with little water will be under moisture absorption of the desiccator, with its purity thus reaching 99.999 % or above.

Technical Paramater






Output Flow(m3/h)





Output Pressure (MPa)

0.02~0.4 (output under stable pressure)

Output Pressure Fluctuation Rate (%)


Hydrogen Purity (%)


Secondary Pressure Protector (MPa)


Power Voltage(V)

220V/380V 50~60Hz

Input Power(KW)





Water Requirement

water electrical resistivity ≥1MΩ/cm

Application Field

This kind of products can be used in the fields needing hydrogen of high flow and purity. The generator could be 
used in chemical industry hydrogenation, reduction protection, metal welding, smelting, power station cooling, 
hydrogen station producing hydrogen, surface protection, spacecraft, submarine, heavy hydrogen, heavy oxygen 
water, etc. The products with stable gas flow can absolutely replace hydrogen cylinder, can be used safely and 


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