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Hydrogen generator
Nitrogen Generator
Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Air Generator
Hydrogen & Air Generator
Nitrogen & Air Generator
Nitrogen & hydrogen generator
Air Generator
Oxygen Generator
Hydrogen-oxygen Generator
Deuterium Generator
Small Gas Station
Gas Purifier
Special Chromatography and its Accessories
Other Gas Generators

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 We are a high-technique enterprise and mainly produce analytical instruments for labs. In one of our factories, we develop, produce, install and maintain instruments designed for Laboratory gas generator.
The main products include: hydrogen generator,nitrogen Generator,nitrogen, hydrogen & air generator,hydrogen & air generator,nitrogen & air generator,nitrogen & hydrogen generator,air Generator,oxygen generator,oxyhydrogen generator,deuterium generator,small gas station,gas purifier and etc.
Now we offer a comprehensive range of testing and pilot plant equipment which find application in Offering gas for GC, LC-MS, ELSD, nitrogen evaporator, solution evaporation and etc.